Grimshade、タクティカルRPGがNintendo Switchで25月XNUMX日発売


タレロックの グリムシェード は新しいIPであり、 任天堂スイッチ 25月XNUMX日来ます。 リリースからわずか数日で、ターンベースのロールプレイングゲームのゲームプレイの抜粋をフィーチャーした、XNUMX分弱のローンチトレーラーが公開されました。

The 3D, hand-painted turn-based RPG puts players in the role of a band of adventurers who must fight to free their world of Ree’Fah from tyranny. You’ll need to gather your party and attempt to free the kingdom from a menacing invasion that has turned the local towns into battlefields.


I noticed that the chick was wearing sexy clothing, with stirrups and cross-thigh straps holding up some black panties. It’s nice that Talerock has some female fan-service in the game, because as we all know it’s become an endangered feature in Western-made games.


You’ll have seven characters to bring into your fold, and the ability to make use of a character development system based on the items you equip rather than stacking stats to make them invincible.

The highlight is that you can’t just rely on a single party build to skate your way through the game. You’ll have to mix, match, swap, and alter your loadout to maximize your effectiveness during each battle.

グリムシェード もともとは蒸気のために2019年春に戻ってきました PC, but if you wanted to get your hands on the game for the Nintendo Switch, you’ll be able to do so later this week. The user reviews for the Steam version of the game are mostly positive, so Talerock took that as a sign that they were doing right by gamers. The console version modifies the controls to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s JoyCons, while also optimizing the performance for Nintendo’s little console that could.

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